Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Christmas Cracker Tag

I want to start this blog by saying, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day!! 
Being the busy person I am (work), I haven't been reading blogs lately, however last night I found the time to do so, and I noticed that I had been tagged to do the Christmas Cracker Tag, by the beautiful Emily Lockwood (aka please all go check out her blog and you tube channel! Even though Christmas has already been, I thought I would do the tag before the Christmas season is over and change the questions slightly so they still work. Lets begin....

1. What's on your Christmas list?
This year I didn't really have a wish list, my birthday is so close to Christmas (December 8th) so usually I join them into one. However this year, I'm going to Bali soon, so I pretty much asked for money, boring I know, but I need it.

2. What is on your Christmas day agenda?
My Christmas day usually involves my family waking up and opening presents in the morning. We then head off to my mum's sisters house, where we catch up with all my family from my mum's side for a massive breakfast, with everything you could imagine. We then go to the beach or swim in the pool before having a late, light lunch. After we head to someones house on my dad's side of the family (it changes each year) for an early dinner.

3. How much Christmas shopping have you done?
I must admit I was pretty slow with my Christmas shopping this year, however I did know what I was going to get everyone. I had all my Christmas shopping done about a week before Christmas.

4. What's been your biggest ever surprise gift?
I don't have one really, each year there is that one present that is a massive surprise, so i can't really chose.

5. When do you usually put up your Christmas tree?
We usually put our Christmas tree up on the 1st of December.

6. Do you have a special outfit planned for Christmas Day?
I usually wait until Christmas morning to determine what I wear in case I get something for Christmas. However this year, I had already planned what I was wearing, as I had received a beautiful dress from my sister for my birthday. 

7. Do you have any plans for Boxing Day?
Boxing Day for my family, is a relaxing day, Dad watches the cricket, my sister and I put all our presents away, we swim in our pool, and eat leftovers. It may sound boring, but it is the best!

8. When did you stop believing in Father Christmas?
I actually don't remember what age I was. There was always talk at Primary school, and because of that I started to believe that. It wasn't until I saw my Christmas stocking hiding in my parents bedroom, that I truly believed it.

9. What's your favourite Christmas scent? (Candle/Perfume?
Well I can't go passed the smell of gingerbread cooking in the oven. But as for Candle/ Perfume, this year I am really loving the Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic from Lush, it has a beautiful sweet smell, and it being in the shape of a present makes it super cute.

10. What do you love most about Christmas?
There is not one thing I can pin point that I love most about Christmas, I just love it all.  I love the massive lead up to Christmas, the carols, the decorations, the lights, the buying of presents, receiving presents, Christmas day, the food... absolutely EVERYTHING!!

Sorry its after Christmas, but thanks for reading. If you have any suggestions please leave them below. Also I'm now on Bloglovin so feel free to check me out!

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Monday, 23 December 2013

Lush Haul

Ok so i recently made my long awaited visit to 'Lush', for those who don't know Lush is fresh handmade cosmetic store selling things from bath to hair to perfume. I have been in love with this store ever since I watched Zoe Sugg's (aka. Zoella's) haul video and have been wanting to buy stuff off it since. So when i found out that Perth has not only one but now three stores, i knew i must attend. Thankfully i didn't go by myself otherwise i would of bought the entire store and then we would have a massive issue.

I thought i would show you all i bought and go through them.

Twlight Bath Ballistic

Besides that this bath bomb looks absolutely beautiful, it smells amazing. This bath bomb is amazing at recreating a beautiful sunset in your bath. I simply had to buy this bath bomb based on its colour (pinks my favourite) and the starts and moons that have been imprinted into it. 
I noticed when i got home that inside this bath bomb its blue inside, so i will be interested into to see what colour it makes the water, I'm guessing it will change it into the colours of a sunset, but will have to wait and see.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

Ok lets just get this clear, i bought two of these bath bombs as present for my friends, purely because of what they look and smell like, not the names.
Unlike some of the other bath bombs at Lush this bath bomb doesn't have many surprise, it produces a gorgeous pinky purple colour in the water and smells like rose and jasmine. 
I will be interested in how my friends like these.

Blooming beautiful gift

I couldn't resist this cute little gift pack for my younger sister, we agreed on not spending much on each other this year, so i decided to get her this. Their citrus smells are perfect for this summer time in Perth. This pack contains

Think Pink Bath Ballistic

How cute is this bath bomb, it is a vibrant hot pink colour (this picture doesn't give it justice) and has a gorgeous tonka bean aroma mixed with the sweetness of vanilla. The great thing about this, is that the aroma isn't that overbearingly.

Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar

Now this is adorable, this bubble bar that Lush has produced along with all its others are amazing, place a small bit in the bath and you instantly have bubbles. This Bath bubble bar was inspired by Mary Poppin's to sort out a chaotic household. This bath bubble bar is great to relax and calm you after a stressful day. 

Rub Rub Rub Shower scrub

So don't let the look of this put you off, this stuff is amazing, and one of my best purchases in a while. As the name states its a shower scrub. It has a sugary texture too it, which is great for exfoliating you skin if using a large amount, or perfect as an every day body wash. The best thing about this, is it makes your skin feel extremely soft afterwards, its incredible. Another bonus, is that unlike other soap it doesn't block your drain, which is great.

I hope you all enjoy this blog and please let me know you experiences at lush, and if you enjoyed this haul, have any advice or any suggestions for next blog.


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hello Blog World, and welcome to my blog.

Ive been enjoying reading blogs for ages, and am constantly being inspired to start my own, so i thought that this may as well be the perfect time to start my blog.  I have just graduated from high school and am enjoining a four month break before hopefully starting University next year, thats if everything goes to plans, and since i have this time i thought why not start now. I am Ashlee Bowler, I'm 17, and i live in Australia. After spending the past 14 years at school, it is now my turn to enter into the real world, experience life free from the boundaries and restrictions of school rules and teachers.

One of the most important things that i have gained from school is that time sure does fly, and that i wish i had taken more videos, photos and recorded more things that i had done whilst growing up.
As you will soon find out i have a strong passion and love for fashion, shopping, food and travelling, and therefore I have decided to include a whole range of things in my blog from fashion and beauty to lifestyle advice and simply anything that happens to pop in my head and i have the urge to share. I hope you enjoy my blog and the journey which we will take together and i hope it too inspires you to enjoy every moment in life and reach for your dreams.

I hope you enjoy it xx